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    Concrete Canvas Arts (CCA) is a UK registered arts charity that offers creative and inspiring training programmes for young people aged 25 and under in drama, music, fashion, journalism, filmmaking, Photography, sports and leadership. The charity was formed in 2003 by three dedicated individuals whose passion for education and training through media and the creative industries spurred them on to set up an organisation creating these pathways for young people. For eleven years CCA has delivered arts based programmes primarily in South Kilburn (one of the most deprived areas in London situated in the borough of Brent) and has helped many young people not only acquire talent and competencies giving them employment, but also develop core transferrable skills applicable to other career paths and further education.

    Over the last seven years, we have found that by involving schools in our activities we are able to engage more young people from South Kilburn who may not be accessing youth provision within the area. A portion of our funding is used to build stronger working relationships with local schools, leading to greater and more effective partnership work. This increases the possibility of joint fundraising initiatives, with the effect of increasing the long-term sustainability of the activities and outcomes of South Kilburn-based youth providers.

    Our Team

    Our staff are multitalented, highly motivated professionals who have enabled us to deliver at the same capacity as organisations with nearly twice our workforce. 

    Our team consists of professionals from the creative industries, business, marketing and PR, journalism, television, music management, graphic design and accounting.

    We have a strong board of trustees who empower staff to perform to their maximum capacity. We are an organisation that views change as an opportunity to challenge conventional forms of service delivery and forge new and better ways of engaging young people.

    Our Partners

    In early 2008, we formed New Life Arts (NLA), a consortium of local arts youth service providers; in response to changes in the way funding streams were allocated locally. NLA was the first consortium of its kind and is used as a model for other consortia in the area. Our partners include:

    Tabot – Provides dance classes and after school activities for 4-19 year olds

    Granville Youth Arts Centre – offers free creative learning programmes to young people

    OK Club – Provides a social and neutral space for young people to meet, play, learn and create

    Brent Council     Tabot     OK Club