Programme Delivery

Concrete Canvas Arts programmes are non-mandatory and offered free of charge. Our courses are highly valued by the young people who attend, providing a forum for them to work safely, creatively, confidently and to develop the transferable skills necessary for progression into further education and employment.

Our courses are founded on our Trustees belief in the Arts as a powerful and transformative medium, capable of developing and empowering young people across diverse backgrounds. At CCA we believe the Arts should be accessible to all and are fully committed to the promotion of Arts across the spectrum. 

We regularly collaborate with local partners to ensure our courses complement the work of other services providers and schools and colleges. Our close ties with partners mean that we are able to offer an even more comprehensive set of programmes to meet the developmental needs of young people. 

We understand that young people respond differently to the sometimes institutional and monolithic structure of the school system; and one of the keys to our success over the years has been our ability to design programmes which meet the needs of all young people irrespective of their academic background.


CCA holds regular drama workshops throughout the year and special half-term projects. These are usually delivered off-site with a partner organisation, working with a broad spectrum of children and young people in a creative and engaging environment.

Our classes are taught by professional actors and industry practitioners, from stage, television and film. The drama classes work predominately as interactive workshops designed to teach young people essential acting techniques in a fun and digestible way for easy assimilation of key skills. These workshops are shaped around the needs of the individual and are therefore open to young people at all levels. 


CCA’s filmmaking course provides an alternative, more accessible, quality pathway for our young budding filmmakers. The course provides young people with a practical and immersive experience in filmmaking, placing great emphasis on film as a mode of self expression.

Young people in our filmmaking classes have worked with professional filmmakers to produce a number of short films and music videos through which they have developed their craft and understanding of filmmaking as a powerful storytelling medium. 

Back @ Ya! Programme

The Back @ Ya! programme is a drama and filmmaking project that uses a combination of creative media and mentoring to train, develop and inspire young people. The project works with young people aged 10-19 who are guided and trained by professional filmmakers. Young people will produce quality content addressing issues such as positive/negative relationships, sexual health, drug awareness, discrimination and finance. These films fall within the PSHE curriculum.

I inspire / I Express Me

I inspire and I express me, are a series of short documentaries giving young people a platform for them to shout about things that inspire and encourage them to be positive, as well as a place for them to express their innermost thoughts with other young people in the hope that thier stories will be a positive influence for those who may need guidance.

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